Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Italy or Bust

My son has been accepted at a fantastic boarding school in Italy for this fall. Part of me is ecstatic for him, but the other part is terrified! He's just turned 16. Coming from Italian parents, I'm very happy that he will be able to fully enjoy and live in a culture that I feel so strongly about. Even though I was born in Canada, my parents were immigrants and I still have family that live there. I have a very strong connection to Italy and all that it represents to me.

It's interesting how different people react when I tell then he's going to go to school there. Some think this is an opportunity of a lifetime and are very happy for him, while others are extremely shocked that we would "send" our son so far away from home. How very confusing to me that my friends would think I would do anything that would not be in the best interests of my son.

Italy is so full of culture, history, art, culinary experiences and the landscape of the country is amazing. My son is very excited to be going and I have to say that, if I were given the chance at his age, I too, would be very excited to say the least!
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Students from CCI

Here's to our heritage, here's to our children learning about our heritage, and here's to parents trying to give their children the best exposure to where they come from!!!

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