Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My new addiction- Pinterest

Pinterest! I found Pinterest quite by accident and have been hooked every since. What a great way to share your favourite photos or sayings and store things you like or hope to do for future reference. I've also learned a lot of things- like how to get rid of wasps in my backyard, clean my oven 'greenly', how fantastic other people's boards are and just how nice it is to dream!

It's feeding my love of interior decorating and I'm making great connections to great new websites.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

I now know what colour paint was used on this wall (Benjamin Moore- Chelsea Grey) and since my family room looks a lot like this and needs an overhaul, I saved it to my Interior Design 'board'.

It's also been a wonderful tool for finding out more about what's available out there to learn from. Some "Pinteresters" are recommending websites they think are really good. As a genealogist, this is so helpful because I can now store them on my Genealogy board and refer back on it when needed. Here's an example:

Photo courtesty of above website

This is a fabulous website that holds old maps of England. It's free and searchable and a great tool for me.

Giggling couple Pinterest
This has to be one of my favourite finds so far on Pinterest. I see so many old family photos where the people seem so stern and unhappy. Because the old cameras required you to stay still for a long time to get a good shot, people were asked to not move or make facial expressions. Here we find a couple who are having a great time and obviously love each other. This is such a rare image for a photo of this age. It shows them as they really were and gives them personality. Love it.


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