Monday, 7 May 2012

Sometimes you just have to dream

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I love the colour of the paint in this office. I'm in the process of making my office more 'official' and I think I'll go with this. What do you think?
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Having just brought home a new puppy, we've decided to put a runner up our stairs (that, and the fact I keep falling down them!). Our stairs look just like these. The pattern is suble and elegant.
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This photo is so inspiring to me. We are so blessed to have a cottage on the lake to escape to. It's doesn't look like this but everything else in the photo is identical. Maybe one day....

I'm so excited about my new website that will be launched in the next week. It's a big step for me because I've been plugging away as a genealogist for a long time but now I feel really official. With the blog started and my Pinterest addiction (check it out, it's under Sandra Moffatt Genealogical Research),  Facebook and LinkedIn, I feel totally "social media" updated and ready to go. I just can't seem to get into Twitter. Maybe I'm too old, or maybe I talk too much for 1 sentence tweets.

I love all aspects of history and genealogy, but on the other side of the coin, I adore interior decorating. I never studied it or worked as a decorator, but I worked in the industry for over 12 years. It was so much fun and fed the "artist" part of my personality. It's an industry full of creative, colourful, adventurous people who "paint" their masterpieces onto people's homes and into their lives through design and decor. I think if I were younger I'd try to do both but I just can't seem to see an Interior Decorator who spends hours in libraries, archives and on the net researching working out so I'll stick to sharing my loves of all that is design/decor on this blog.

Please feel free to share any ideas you have on anything you find interesting here. I'd love to hear from you.

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