Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ok, so blogging is a blast!

I was sitting here today trying my best to figure out how to customize my blog to best suit my audience. I quickly realized that you have to have a minor in computer tech and a major in graphic design to do that, both of which I don't have. I hope you like the change, I do.

I have been a little lax in my pinning lately and thought I'd focus on my blog instead. I have a few photos to show you. I'm in the "let re-decorate mode" so tell me what you think......

My gazebo

This is my gazebo in my backyard. We have roll down bamboo shades to have some privacy but I was thinking of getting some heavy sailcloth type material to make some curtains to give it a more homey feeling. I also discovered that a painted deck is a nightmare!! Does anyone out there have any ideas of how to keep from repainting a deck every year? We have ultra durable oil based exterior paint on it at the moment and it still chips and peels because of our Canadian winters.

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The above photo is almost identical in layout as my bedroom. At the moment my room is a manilla yellow colour with pale robin's egg accents. I was thinking of repainting the walls this colour because my furniture is dark too. I love that the night tables don't match. 

And finally, we are going up to the cottage on Friday for the first time since Christmas. We've done a lot of renovating (it's from the 40s) and have decided to paint a bedroom At the moment almost the whole cottage is knotty pine. It's beautiful but a little claustrophic when you're in a tiny 10 x 10 bedroom. I've found some great examples of what it could look like if we painted it white and here's one of them. Here's hoping it turns out like this!

Here's option No.!

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or Option No.2!!

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